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Stephen Marriott

Steve had experienced a successful career in the broadcasting industry where he worked as a breakfast time and drive time presenter but also as Promotions Manager for the “Marcher” group of stations. He also worked for many years as Wrexham FC’s ground announcer (even managing to incorporate some Welsh language) for many years.

Steve joined Remploy as a Development Services Employment Adviser (DSEA) towards the end of 2009 He had already transferred his presentation skills to tutoring, both groups of 18 – 24 year olds as well as the over 25’s on the old “New Deal “programme whilst working for another welfare to work provider. Steve’s Remploy office was based in the Remploy factory in Wrexham although his caseload included candidates with a range of conditions including Learning Disabilities and Mental Health but also physical disabilities. Steve’s “area “ was the whole of the North and Mid Wales region. In effect everything North of Aberystwyth to the West and Newtown to the East

In 2010 Steve qualified specifically in Dyslexia Awareness and has since gained a wealth of experience in dyslexia vocational evaluations both internally and externally on Remploy’s “retentions” programme.

Steve attended a Remploy in house Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course in 2014 and became aware that he had himself experienced bouts of Mental “Ill” Health. This changed his perspective and he became determined to train himself as an MHFA facilitator. He completed his training in the February of 2015. Since then Steve has facilitated MHFA courses both inside and outside the Remploy organisation.

Steve is originally from Birmingham but is based in Wrexham