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Nicola Grant

Contact details:
• phone: 01446 700873
• e-mail: nicolagrant70@hotmail.co.uk
• region: South Wales

I have been involved in training others in mental health issues for several years to a wide variety of organisations and individuals. I was accredited by Mind Cymru to deliver ‘Mental Health First Aid’ (MHFA) in 2009.

Since then, I have enjoyed delivering this course for university students, work colleagues, Cardiff University, Careers Wales, Office of National Statistics and numerous Tenant Support workers. I have also been employed in a local Mind organisation (2001-2006) where I was responsible for managing all of the residential ‘Supported Living’ developments for individuals with ‘severe and enduring’ mental illness.

I am a qualified teacher and have enjoyed being able to utilise past skills to make the course a learning experience for everyone attending. Feedback on my training abilities is very positive, particularly as I am able to reflect on some working experiences in practice. I have recently acquired an Education and Training course qualification to enhance my training skills.
I have been working with vulnerable adults for most of my career and for the past fifteen years working with individuals within mental illness, tenancy support and housing. Over the past several years, I worked closely with individuals who were at risk of Domestic Abuse, including perpetrators, liaising with the police and courts. In the past I have worked with children in care, the elderly in residential care settings and adults with learning disabilities in a variety of roles.

My ‘hands on’ experience in homelessness both in the Vale and Cardiff areas has given me a great deal of insight about how to engage with individuals who are facing distress. This work experience continues in the part time work I am doing in the community within homelessness and tenancy support.

My work experience in mental health and networking with communities and health services, is often an advantage when delivering Mental Health First Aid courses in Wales. I have also experienced first hand how difficult it may be supporting an individual in the family with a severe and enduring mental illness due to having a carer’s role.

I am also a qualified counsellor (2004) gaining the Advanced Diploma in Existential Humanistic counselling with a specific interest in substance misuse, bereavement and loss issues from chronic health conditions. Participants on my courses often comment on having the opportunity to share relevant personal and work experiences in a positive learning environment. I aim to make all courses relevant, enjoyable and above all, a new learning experience.

During 2014/15 I enjoyed delivering Mental Health Fisrt Aid courses when I worked as an Equality and Diversity trainer in Wales. This experience also gave me the opportunity to put my interest in Human Resources and qualification,(2013) to good use.

If you would like to contact me on 01446 700873 or mail me on nicolagrant70@hotmail.co.uk. Or browse nicolagrant.org for my website for further information (re Nicola Grant Initiatives).